World Of DS

Algorithms & Career Path Course

by @worldofivo

Supercharge your tech career with this course on algorithms, data structures and career guidance.

Master essential concepts, elevate problem-solving skills, and gain a competitive edge.

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40+ topics on Data Structures & Algorithms and 15+ topics on Career Path

DSA section

Animation, Explanation, Code, Quiz, AI.

Each topic in the DSA section will teach you a concept in these steps. It makes it easy and beginner friendly to remember and learn quickly

  • Watch

    Seeing an abstract concept in a smooth and crisp animation helps your brain understand it quickly

  • Read

    Of course, each animation is followed by a straight to the point text explanation

  • Code

    And at the end of a section, you can see and tinker with code examples (in Python, JavaScript, Java, C, PHP)

  • Quiz

    After each major section of the course, there is a quizz to test your new knowledge

Ask the AI assistant

If anything remains unclear after a section, you can quickly ask the AI assistant inside the course

Currently not for sale.

Career Path section

The Career Path section of the course is like an ebook in which I share my personal story and my advice for each step of you career

From an interview to a senior role

You will learn how to navigate each step of your career and avoid common mistakes along the way

What's inside for DSA?

Everything to get you on a good level of understanding algorithms and data structures

  • Algorithms

    • Intro - Time Complexity
    • Insertion Sort
    • Selection Sort
    • Bubble Sort
    • Quick Sort
    • Heap Sort
    • Merge Sort
    • Binary Search
    • Radix Sort
    • Bogo Sort
    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search
    • Quiz
  • Linear Data Structures

    • Intro
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Linked List
    • Doubly Linked List
    • Doubly Linked List Operations
    • Priority Queue
    • Circular Queue
    • Quiz
  • Trees

    • Tree Elements
    • Binary Tree Types
    • Tree Traversal Types
    • Heap
    • Heap Operations
    • Binary Search Tree
    • B-Tree
    • B+ Tree
    • AVL Tree
    • Red-Black Tree
    • Trie (Prefix Tree)
    • Quiz
  • Graphs

    • Graph Data Structure
    • Graph Types
    • Graph Representation
    • Graph Spanning Tree
    • Graph Breadth First
    • Graph Depth First
    • Greedy Algorithms
    • Dijkstra's Algorithm
    • Quiz

Currently not for sale.

What's inside for Career Path?

An explanation and advice for each part of a tech job career based on my experience, mistakes and observations

  • The Beginning

    • My Story
    • Define Your Goals
  • Before the Interview

    • Do I Need a Degree?
    • Personal Projects
    • Resume and Portfolio
    • Job Seeking
  • The Interview

    • Expectations and Preparation
    • HR Interview and Salary
    • Technical Interview
    • Red Flags
  • After Interview

    • How did I Do?
    • What to Except?
    • The Job Offer
  • The Job

    • As a Junior
    • As a Mid-Level
    • As a Senior

Currently not for sale.

How would World of DS benefit you?

My name is Ivaylo Angelov, from Bulgaria (EU). I went from a university degree in sociology to a professional software developer (with 7+ years of work experience).
I'm also a content creator on Instagram (@worldofivo) and have a background of video editing and animation.
One of the things I enjoy the most in my career is mentoring and helping people get a tech job and grow from a newbie junior to a skilled developer. This course is an extension of that.

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And for my DSA animations:

Seeing your favorites (and not so much) DSA concepts in motion helps you remember them easily

Getting a tech job is difficult in today's economy...

But this course will help you do it as long as you are willing to learn and take action!

Currently not for sale.